Pricing Pricing
Panoramic Dental X-ray75 PLN
Small digital X-ray 40 PLN
3D-CBCT tomography300 PLN
3D-CBCT tomography - partial 100 PLN
Dental examination and consultation 150 PLN
Hygiene and preventive treatment
Descaling, elimination of heavy tartar 180-240 PLN
Descaling, elimination of light tartar80-120 PLN
Sandblasting of teeth 100 PLN
Conservative treatment
Local anaesthesia 40 PLN
Composite filling150-240 PLN
Composite veneer 350-450 PLN
Glass fibre tooth root pin250-300 PLN
Root canal treatment: 1 root 390-500 PLN
Root canal treatment: 2 roots 500-650 PLN
Root canal treatment: 3-4 root 650-800 PLN
Dental surgery
Tooth extraction100-300 PLN
Difficult tooth extraction Starts at 550 PLN
PRF-Platelet Rich Fibrin-application 120-200 PLN
Dental prosthodontics
Crowns and bridges
CAD/CAM Cerec Inlay/Onlay750-1290 PLN
Full Ceramic Cerec CAD/CAM Crown1110 - 1590 PLN
A point in a full ceramic CAD/CAM E-MAX bridge1290 - 1590 PLN
Full ceramic Zirconium crown1600 - 1800 PLN
A point in a full ceramic Zirconium bridge1600 - 1800 PLN
Ceramic crown on a metal base (Nickel-free)1110 - 1290 PLN
A point in a ceramic bridge on a metal base (Nickel-free)1110 - 1290 PLN
Mobile Dentures
Denture with a cast metal framework 2000 - 2200 PLN
Full acrylic denture - one arc1500 - 2200 PLN
Partial acrylic denture1200 - 1490 PLN
Dental Implant2800 - 3000 PLN
A crown on an implant2500 - 3100 PLN
An overdenture on implants9600 - 16000 PLN

The price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1. of the Civil Code

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