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Prosthodontic treatmentis about completing missing or damaged teeth.

It includes:

  • repair work to the teeth or implants
  • crowns (including all-ceramic crowns)
  • bridges (including all-ceramic bridges)
  • individual connectors for implants
  • partial all-ceramic crowns
    • inlays
    • onlays
    • veneers
  • removable elements
    • complete dentures
    • partial dentures
    • frame dentures
      • classic
      • on milled crowns
      • on telescopic crowns
      • with prosthetic locks

protetyka stomatologia

We have been successfully using the Cerec InLab system at our clinic since 2010.
We currently use the latest generation of OMNICAM intra-oral scanner.

We perform many of these procedures using CAD/CAM – CEREC 3D technology.

This system allows us to make crowns and bridges during a single visit! It is an all-ceramic form of restorationfor your teeth. Apart from their exceptional accuracy and aesthetic value, we recommend them for anyonewho isallergic to metals. This makes it a great solution foranyone unable to accept traditional impressions due to emetic reflex. Another advantage is the limited milling needed for each tooth.