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Aesthetic dentistry

Satisfying people by improving their appearance and giving them the confidence behind their smile are the main tasks for aesthetic dentistry. It includes medical and cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance, colour and shape of the teeth.



Modern technology and materials are important tools in our hands, allowing us to meet and exceed your expectations. Changing the colour and shape of the teeth, filling any missing parts, and improving occlusions are just some elements of our aesthetic treatments.

At our clinic we offer numerous possibilities, such as:

  • hygiene treatments
    • removing plaque and tartar with ultrasound
    • removing plaque – scaling
    • whitening teeth
  • improving the shape of the teeth with composite materials
  • prosthetic solutions using the CEREC method
    • porcelain veneers
    • all-ceramic crowns and bridges
    • inlays
    • onlays

stomatologia estetyczna