What is pantomographic X-ray of teeth and why is it used?

What is pantomographic X-ray of teeth and why is it used?

Some patients will be instructed by the doctor to take a panoramic radiograph during dental treatment. This photo shows the teeth, bones of the jaw, mandible, temporomandibular joints, and maxillary sinuses . Its implementation is necessary in several cases. When should they be delivered to the dentist and how are they performed?

What is a pantomogram and how does it work?

The pantomogram is an examination resulting in a panoramic image, i.e. an enlarged image of the anatomical structures of the alveolar processes. It allows the dentist to determine the periodontal condition, the degree of mineralization of the teeth or any abnormalities in the structure of the roots. Due to the X-rays, the patient must remove all metal elements from the head area, for example jewelry or removable dentures, before taking such an image teeth. Then she puts on a special vest that protects against the rays of the sun. As a result of the image obtained, an image of the teeth, jaw bones, mandible, temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses enlarged by about 15 percent in relation to their actual size is visible.

Recommendations for taking a panoramic X-ray

There are many indications for taking a panoramic photo X-ray . These are primarily dental injuries and diseases, for example deep caries , submandibular and sublingual salivary gland stones, periodontal disease and jaw injuries . The photo may also be ordered by a dentist (or a dentist-surgeon) when it turns out that the tooth qualifies for extraction . In addition, it is also recommended for people who want to put implant dental in place of the cavity, because the photo will allow you to assess the amount of bone and determine the place where the implant will be inserted. A patient who would like to undergo orthodontic treatment will also have to do it. Pregnancy is a relative contraindication to pantomographic X-ray.

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