Specificity of the CEREC system in dental prosthetics

Specificity of the CEREC system in dental prosthetics

Healthy, beautiful, impeccably white and straight teeth are a dream of each of us. Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with perfect dentition. Nowadays, however, we have more and more possibilities to rebuild damaged teeth. One of them is the CEREC system, or 3D dental prosthetics, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Thanks to CEREC technology, restoring the natural shape of teeth becomes much simpler and more precise.

What does CEREC technology consist in?

The CEREC technology allows for a visual optical impression of the teeth by scanning the area with an intraoral scanner. Once the dentition has been scanned, an accurate image is stored on a computer. The specialist can then take a close look at the teeth and then make crowns, bridges, veneers and inaye, onlaye .

This method provides not only the preparation of crowns, bridges or reconstruction on implants. It is also an aesthetic restoration of teeth after endodontic treatment, such as onlays, inlays or overlays, as well as veneers. Thanks to the CEREC system the process of making the restorations is much faster. It is limited to one visit – compared to traditional methods.

How does the treatment with CEREC technology proceed?
First, the dentist cleans the restoration from decay and old fillings, then selects the restoration variant and makes a virtual impression using an intraoral scanner. Next, the shape of the tooth is designed. The design of the new tooth is shown on the computer screen. After the visualisation of the restoration and its acceptance by the patient, the type and colour of the material to be used is selected. After the final acceptance of the project, the CEREC milling machine cuts the work in the ceramic block, which is fitted to the patient’s teeth. The milled restoration is directly cemented to the remaining natural tooth tissue.

The effects after the treatment are almost immediate. The patient receives a prosthetic restoration which perfectly matches his/her teeth, providing a natural and aesthetic look.

Modern CEREC technology is a great potential for contemporary prosthetic dentistry. It allows you to regain a beautiful, healthy smile during

one visit to the dentist’s office.